2012 Emmy rankings: Will Bill Hader compete vs. ‘Modern Family’?

When it comes to the supporting fields in the Primetime Emmy Awards, there is one thing that has become a bit of a foregone conclusion over the past few years — “Modern Family” is probably going to wipe the floor with everyone else.

But does this really have to be this way? When it comes to the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category this year, it’s looking more and more like this will be between the four “Modern Family” stars at the end of the day — even though we would personally love to see the genius of Bill Hader come out on top after receiving the nomination we were so begging for.

We will say this to start things out — thanks to a level playing field, this was our hardest category to rank thus far. (Note: As always, we rank based on he likelihood of these actors winning, and not so much personal preference.)

The rankings

6. Bill Hader, “Saturday Night Live” – This is no disrespect at all to Hader. We die laughing anytime a sketch with Stefon happens on “Weekend Update,” and he has long been the unsung hero of “SNL.” Unfortunately, the key words here are in fact “unsung hero.” Kristen Wiig is still the person who makes headlines from this past season, and with it being her swan song she’s more likely to win in her category than Hader is here.

5. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, “Modern Family” – We think sometimes that trying to rank some of these actors from the show is like pulling teeth, mostly because the Emmys could really choose to pick any one of them on any given year. It’s hard to really explain why Ferguson is ranked the lowest of the four outside of the fact that Mitchell is occasional the hardest of the four men to root for.

4. Max Greenfield, “New Girl” – The truth here is that Schmidt is going to have many more chances to win this award, and we hope some day he is joined here by the equally-worthy Jake M. Johnson. The struggle we have with any of the male actors on “New Girl” winning an award in the near future, though, is that what really makes them great is the ensemble rather than any one outstanding performance.

3. Ty Burrell, “Modern Family”- It may be strange to put Burrell here given that many sites are listing him as the favorite to repeat, but let’s be honest — this category is a toss-up depending on what side of the bed Emmy voters wake up on. We see them wanting to spread the wealth, and with there being two actors who have yet to win the trophy, we’re going in a different direction for #1.

2. Eric Stonestreet, “Modern Family” – See above for an explanation as to why he is not #1 — though we have to say that as an actor, we like Stonestreet quite possibly better than anyone else on this show. He is so versatile with his comedy, and he can also tackle serious subjects with heart and sincerity. To add to all this, his guest spot on “American Horror Story” last year still freaks us out.

1. Ed O’Neill, “Modern Family” – The fact that the “Modern Family” cast dispute is already over probably means that it is not going to have an enormous impact on anything pertaining to the awards show itself. Thanks to that, it’s really O’Neill’s time to finally win something. The man in between this show and “Married … With Children” is probably one of the most-underappreciated comic talents of the past two decades, and it’s really time for that to end.

Who do you want to win the trophy this year? We want to hear your thoughts below! If you want to find out some more of our other Emmy rankings, be sure to either click on the image to the right or this link.

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