‘Bachelor Pad 3’ preview: Kalon McMahon disses Erica Rose — again

At this point in time, we get it — Kalon McMahon on “Bachelor Pad” does not like his fellow Houston resident Erica Rose at all. As a matter of fact, he is now taking just about every opportunity that he can to diss her while on this show.

The latest example? Well, let’s just say you can see it below during a challenge that host Chris Harrison hilariously refers to as a “hot sludge fundae.” (Yes, puns do reign supreme on this show.) The objective here is that you basically have to craw through layers of ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream in a race wearing as little clothing as possible. Don’t act shocked — that’s exactly the kind of show that this is.

What we are a bit more surprised about, though, is hearing Kalon’s rather crass and unnecessary comment in a confessional that Erica is probably going to be good at this challenge because she is going to eat her way through the early portion of it “like Pac-Man.” We probably don’t have to put two and two together for you to figure out just what sort of shot that Kalon is taking here. It’s not nice, but it is hardly surprising based on what we have seen from the guy so far.

Even in spite of this, though, this is still the guy that apparently manages to find love on this show courtesy of Lindzi Cox. We know that the two developed feelings for each other while they were both a part of the show, and since that time they have kept some sort of relationship going. It’s clearly one of the more surprising pairings in the history of the show, and it really means one thing to us more than anything else — Lindzi likes the “bad boys,” and she’s probably also not the biggest Erika fan.

What’s grosser to you — the idea of this challenge, or Kalon’s comments? To check out some recent words from the Taltos twins about their decision to quit the show, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: ABC


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