‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Likely nominations, a new alliance

Despite an extremely chaotic day in the “Big Brother 14” house Thursday night that has angered more than a few of the players, things are surprisingly quiet Friday — and the nominations by the new Head of Household are nearly a given at this point.

Want to know what happens? Read on! If you want to be surprised Sunday night, you better stop reading now.

Despite coming across as clingy and/or insane during most of Shane’s reign last week, we really like how Danielle is handling the power that she has been granted this week. She has not played any game with the people who have tried to talk strategy with her, and she has been smart to think about her possibilities. Of course, not all is gravy for her now, though — some people have already learned that she lied about her profession as a nurse (saying instead that she is a kindergarten teacher), and this lie could ruin her whole “sweet southern girl” persona she’s been playing up. Of course, she got herself into that lie long before she was HoH … and she is really just doing the best with the power she has been given now.

What we like the most about Danielle’s reign at the moment is that she has been smart enough to actually form a new alliance to keep herself safe following the eviction next week. She, Dan, Britney, and Shane all seemed to be locked in, and Ian is also about ready to sign on the dotted line as the fifth. While he doesn’t like necessarily turning his back on Boogie, he also realizes that this alliance is a bit of a sinking ship, and that Boogie is clearly more invested in working with Frank than doing anything else.

Speaking of Frank, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that he and Wil will be on the block. The only person who suspected something remotely different was Boogie, who thought that he would be in trouble. Frank will likely be sent home (for sure) Thursday night, with the only possible exception being if he wins the Power of Veto. If that happens, we could actually see Janelle backdoored due to her being an enormous physical threat.

Do you think Danielle is playing well right now in the HoH position?┬áTo check out some more of the latest scoop from the live feed, we have a number of options for you — you can either visit the link here, or take a glance over to the right of this article for the latest updates. We’ll also update this post once the nominations are official.

Update: Click here to check out the nominees.

Photo: CBS

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