‘Burn Notice’ review: Was there enough aftermath?

Through much of season 6 of “Burn Notice,” we have praised creator Matt Nix and USA for actually allowing the show to shine in ways that it has not to date — namely in that we have seen the characters struggle with such things as prison sentences, killers on the loose, and even a narrative that causes them to push on and on without having to spend any time focusing on the “client of the week.”

Once you go in one direction, though, it’s very hard to turn things around — and this is precisely the problem that Thursday night’s new episode ran into on many occasions. We had just seen an episode that featured the liked of Michael’s brother Nate getting shot in the back of the head, and then we transitioned into an hour that really only took it halfway into consideration. Instead, we had a plot about Sam and his girlfriend’s son that really seemed to be a reversion to old ways. We don’t see this mission — exciting as it was — having any sort of impact in the weeks ahead. With that in mind, it actually felt a little bit more like a distraction than something that was actually useful to the show. We wouldn’t have minded at all if Thursday night was relatively action-free save for the story of Rebecca — who Michael obviously had to hunt down due to her perceived connections to Anson Fullerton. This was the story that we were the most excited to see this week, and it had a little bit of a surprising end — mostly thanks to the fact that the road got cold. Rebecca seemingly was not connected to the killing of Anson and Nate in any way; she was even still in Miami at the time in which it happened. There aren’t really any more leads that Michael is aware of.

At this point, “Burn Notice” is at a rather interesting crossroads. Either it can now revert back into procedural mode for a while until some more clues come in about who was behind the shooting, or it can really go all-out in bringing this story to the forefront. We’re not trying to dog the “story of the week” format since there is value to it; however, after five seasons of this we agree with what Nix told us last week — it’s time for something new.

Do you wish that the Sam storyline wasn’t really there at all this week? We want to hear some of your thoughts in the comment box below!

Photo: USA

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