‘Anger Management’ review: Did Charlie Sheen get too familiar?

One episode ago, we gave “Anger Management” credit for an episode that did a lot of great things when it came to moving things forward for the show — it funny, surprising, and showed us some new dimensions of some of the characters that we didn’t see coming.

Unfortunately, we can’t completely say the same about Thursday night’s episode. The basic story of the half-hour was something that we have fundamentally seen on the show time and time again — Charlie Sheen’s character has an issue that tests his anger, and despite being a counselor he finds some way to lose it. At the end, though, he manages to make everything work out for the time being. Sometimes, there are even morals!

This time around, this framework was set to a story about one of the members of Charlie’s prison group who was getting released, and in the midst of trying to help the guy get back on his feet, he witnessed him take advantage of his accommodations and also his ex-wife. This of course angered Charlie, and when he confronted the guy about it they managed to in the end resolve their differences. The only real twist? That he managed to get himself locked behind bars at the end of the episode so that he could be with his gay lover again.

There were a few funny moments here and there through this story, and it wasn’t terrible — it was just a little too by-the-numbers for our taste. There was some more potential in a story about Charlie testing one of his patients in Nolan at the bar, but nothing really ended up coming out of this at all. It’s almost as though the plot was set up and then later abandoned.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to check out some of the ways that FX is planning to tweak this show pending a renewal, read the story over here.

Photo: FX

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