MTV’s ‘Awkward’ review: The ‘I love you’ game

Before we get deep into our review of Thursday night’s new episode of “Awkward,” we should get one critique out of the way — the “I don’t if I can say ‘I love you'” story is one of the most overdone stories in teen television history. It’s really hard to get excited about a story on this subject, even in the world of Jenna Hamilton and her crazy love triangle.

However, we quickly found ourselves surprised the rest of the way. We have been waiting all season long to see the context of the infamous “intercom disaster” that we have seen in previews, and now we know — Jenna was suggesting to Jake that they do the deed together in an effort to force her feelings for the guy, and to finally be able to say those nerve-wrecking three words that he so badly wanted to hear.

The school of course quickly started to spread all sorts of hilarious gossip about Jenna’s life between the sheets, and this quickly led to her being called in to the Vice-President’s office (formerly known as her counselor). As if the whole school knowing about what she was up to was not hard enough, Jenna then had to deal with the fact that Jake wanted to do it in her car. Thankfully, she at least talked him out of that. This story ultimately led to the two getting close to actually “doing it” in a car (albeit a romantic one), but Jake decided that he didn’t want to do it just to have her feel better about not saying “I love you” back. Ironically, this was the moment when she realized that she had these sort of feelings … but she didn’t decide to express them just yet.

At the end of the day, we got a chance to see a story here that could have easily been mundane, but was instead turned into something that was pretty funny, light, and real. Plus, we actually saw Sadie give in to a nice guy for a change in the midst of her being an awful human being. How long do you think that will last?

What did you think of this episode, and do you like how “Awkward” handled the “I love you” dilemma? To check out our review of last week’s new episode of the show, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: MTV

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