‘Big Brother 14’ review: Are the coaches now a part of the game?

There have been some great episodes of “Big Brother 14” his season, but none of them were as important as the eviction episode on Thursday night. Not only did we have an important “eviction” that was between Frank and Joe, but we were finally going to get the answer to a question that has long been a foregone conclusion — will the coaches end up returning to the game?

The eviction

Going into this episode, it seemed as though it was 99% certain that Frank was going to be leaving the game. In one of their finest editing jobs of the season, though, the show really did a good job at showing us all of the variables in play. We saw that Wil was on the verge of defecting from Janelle and her group over the way in which they were treating him, and we also saw that Danielle at least had a discussion about keeping Frank with her coach Dan.

The show did literally everything that it could to make this vote look tense and dramatic, but it really wasn’t — however, before we could say goodbye to Frank, there was a major twist that altered the course of the game as we know it.

Speaking of which…

Of course, America voted to give the coaches a chance to enter the game. Can anyone really be surprised by this? Then, we had a pretty major twist! It was also the greatest twist for Frank, since it pretty much guaranteed that he would safe for another week. No one ended up getting evicted, and everyone was going to take part in the Head of Household challenge.

The real irony here? Boogie was the only person to not press his button, and he was actually the one person who was at risk of losing the most with Frank going home. Oh, how lucky Boogie just got.

The Head of Household challenge

The challenge for the new Head of Household (which everyone, including Shane, can compete in) is officially under way, and it should look familiar. It’s basically the sort of “hang on for dear life” challenge that we’ve seen in the past, except with a pirate ship serving as the setting.

Who will win? We should know in a few hours, and we’ll have the results of the challenge then.

What do you think about the coaches being in the game, and about Frank staying in the game? To check out how “Big Brother” is faring in the ratings this season, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: CBS

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