‘American Idol notes: Season 12, Adam Lambert, and Kelly Clarkson

For our newest edition of “American Idol” notes, we’re going to start things off by talking about some of the latest rumors floating around out there regarding the season 12 judging panel — and suffice it to say, some of them are rather strange.

For example, have you heard the claims yet that Snoop Dogg — or Snoop Lion, depending on how you want to call him after he had his spiritual awakening (which we are trying our best to avoid putting quotes around) — wants to be on the show? The rapper-turned reggae artist reportedly made the comments in a recent interview, and we have to admit that we are all for this. We’re not sure how critical he would be, but he is entertainment gold. Hey, if you’re going to hire Steven Tyler just so he can call people “beautiful,” then not get a little criticizzle up in this joint? Granted, it is the word “joint” that probably has Fox executives too concerned to ever take him seriously for the gig.

Snoop is far from the only person whose name is being thrown about to join Mariah Carey — Brad Paisley is supposedly talking to producers, and Adam Lambert’s and Nick Jonas’ names have also been brought up frequently.

A tour for Adam – Speaking of the season 8 star, it’s time to play conspiracy theory! Does anyone else think the wait on him announcing his “Trespassing” tour could be due to him trying to find out his fate on the judging search? We’re not necessarily going all in here, but Lambert obviously wants to make sure he doesn’t book a bunch of gigs and then cancel them due to scheduling conflicts.

No matter if he gets the job or not, though, Adam posted a reminder on Twitter this week to let everyone know that a tour is coming:

“Have no fear, a Trespassing Tour WILL come. When the time is right. Trust me Glamberts! I won’t let you down. :)”

For those curious, the auditions with the judges usually film in September and October, with Hollywood Week generally taking place a few months after that. In an effort to avoid spoilers, the Green Mile is typically filmed while the audition episodes are airing.

A new Kelly Clarkson cover – While at her Phoenix concert this week, Kelly debuted a new stripped down cover of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.” We won’t say too much about it, but doesn’t this pretty much give Kelly the title of “greatest cover artist in existence”?

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Photo: Fox

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