‘Breaking Bad’ spoilers: Expect more stunners throughout season 5

We still don’t necessarily know what exactly the classification is for the final sixteen episode of “Breaking Bad.” Are these going to be divided between seasons 5 and 6, or are we looking more at a “5A” and “5B” sort of situation? Regardless, the one thing that we can say is that we are going to be in for a few more stunning moments before the show closes up shop for a year later this summer.

Speaking per TV Guide, executive producer Vince Gilligan says that as with many other seasons and episodes past (the killing of Gus along with “Box Cutter” being two primary examples), we are going to see something pretty shocking happen before this story wraps up:

“I am of the opinion that showmanship pretty much tops every other consideration … Now’s the time to pull out all the stops. At the end of these eight, you will definitely have a reason to tune in the following summer. We have plenty more of those watercooler moments.”

So what sort of shocker are we looking at? It’s hard to even speculate, mostly because this is the sort of show that you would hate to even be right about since so much of the thrill comes in the surprise. One thing we can promise, though, is that by the time we actually see the scene of Walt purchasing a machine gun using a false name, it will be justified by the story. In other words, this man is going to have to find a way still to sink to an even darker place built on his own ego and thirst for power.

We know that there is probably no way that this series can end without a bloodbath, so we’ll ask you think — do you think any of our primary characters are going to die before we even make it to the final eight episodes next summer? We want to hear your thoughts below! To check out a sneak peek at Sunday night’s episode, be sure and visit the link here.

Photo: AMC

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