‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6: How much more will Amy want?

When you watch an episode of “Star Trek,” you’re going to want to watch the next one — and despite using this incredibly geek analogy, the same works for relationships. With that in mind, don’t expect Amy Farrah Fowler on “The Big Bang Theory” to be completely and totally satisfied with just getting the opportunity to hold Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s hand during the season 5 finale last May.

Speaking in a new interview with E! News, executive producer Steven Molaro teases that, of course, Mayim Bialik’s character is going to continue to try and think up ways to bring the relationship to the next level:

“She’s still trying to drag him forward into a deeper relationship and he’s dragging his feet every step of the way … We’ll see how far she can get him.”

Do we really think that Amy is going to really be that successful? Probably not, and if she is she will probably only be able to advance it to a certain level. We also don’t really want to see Sheldon and Amy get so physically involved that they start to become like any other couple. The only reason that having so many of these guys locked into relationships works is that they are in different kinds of relationships — Howard and Bernadette are the married couple, and Leonard and Penny are the two who are more keen to embrace their physical urges. Sheldon and Amy exist as a pairing based on pure intellect, and Sheldon’s inability to really understand how to care for another human being makes him great s a character, but also limited as a romantic partner.

What do you personally want to see happen with these characters during season 6? Be sure to share your thoughts below! To find out some more season 6 chatter when it comes to Raj, be sure to visit our other new story here.

Photo: CBS

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