‘American Horror Story’ season 2 spoilers: The official setting is…

Over the past few weeks, we have known one thing officially about season 2 of “American Horror Story” — the setting is going to be in New England. Are you now ready for a little bit more?

According to a new report from E! News, the city in which the insane asylum operated by Jessica Lange’s character — which will contain a number of people supposedly including Marc Consuelos and Adam Levine — is none other than Boston, Massachusetts. Ultimately, this news is hardly much of a surprise — this is the city that most people think of when they hear the words “New England,” and it remains the best place in this region of America if you want to see an array of interesting characters.

Now, the question that we have is pretty simple — how heavy is Ryan Murphy going to go with the Boston accents? There actually aren’t too many TV shows airing at the moment set in Beantown, so it may take a minute or two for viewers outside the area to get used to the speech patterns — though by the time ten minutes rolls around, they will probably be as used to it as with any other show on TV.

There is sadly still no official premiere date for the season just yet, but they are deep into production on the episodes. If we had to guess just when the show will start up, we would say October — if for other reason than that, like with “The Walking Dead,” it makes sense for producers to try and capitalize on the spookiest month of the year.

What’s your take on a Boston setting for the show? If you want to see the first photo of Levine from the new season, all you have to do is pay a visit to the story here.

Photo: FX

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