‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Will Caroline Manzo land talk show?

If you have watched “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” over the years, then you are probably already well aware that Caroline Manzo has the gift of gab. She was successful when it came to hosting her own radio show, and she also has made some successful appearances as a guest co-host on “New York Live” over the past year. With all of this in mind, isn’t it possible that the Manzo family matriarch could join Bethenny Frankel as one of the stars from he world of Bravo to make a career in daytime?

While we have to stress here that nothing has been confirmed, a source tells Rob Shuter of The Huffington Post that Manzo’s name has at least been bounced around when it comes to development in the daytime world:

“There are a lot of sheep in the TV business. Once a formula is successful, everyone wants to copy it … Caroline’s name has come up several times and although it’s still in the very early stages, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she gets her own chat show.”

With us, the real question is not so much if Caroline could anchor a show — as she is well-spoken and has a great knack for stating her mind and communicating with guests — but whether or not she would be better suited for a local or a national stage. While everyone around the country watches the “Real Housewives” franchise, she is a rock star in the tri-state area and does not have the same sort of national product exposure that Bethenny does. With that being said, though, Bethenny may also be more polarizing — and her daytime talk show is doing well enough that it may end up being picked up for a lengthier run following its test with Fox networks this summer.

Do you think that Caroline would be the perfect daytime host? We want to hear from you below! To check out some more “Real Housewives” news, either follow the link here or click on the image below.

Photo: Bravo

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