2012 Emmy rankings: Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham top comedy actresses

The frenzy surrounding the 2012 Summer Olympics have slowed down our Emmy rankings series slightly, but now we are back with the newest edition focusing solely on the Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category. Like with the Actor field in this genre, we actually think that the Supporting field may be the stronger one overall — but with that being said, there still are some extremely worthy names worth mentioning here. There are also more names here (in seven) than in any other of the major categories due to a tie vote.

If you want to contribute your thoughts to this debate (which is something that we always love to see), there are a couple of ways for you to do so — you can either share your take with a comment below, or answer in our poll below the rankings.

7. Edie Falco (“Nurse Jackie”) – She may actually receive more votes than some of the other nominees, but there is really no way hat we see Falco winning for a show that is not particularly funny, and has also been around for a while now.

6. Melissa McCarthy (“Mike & Molly”) – We know she won last year, but we have a feeling her “Saturday Night Live” appearance is going to be what draws the majority of the votes her way this year. Plus, we still have a feeling that her win last year was as much for “Bridesmaids” as it was for a show that is the weakest of the ones nominated on this list.

5. Tina Fey (“30 Rock”) – It’s strange to have Tina Fey ranked this low, but “30 Rock” is no longer the perennial Emmy threat that it once was — even if season 6 was somewhat of a return to form. There are just hipper contenders out there, and Zooey Deschanel is currently owning the geek girl role.

4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep”) – The former “Seinfeld” star is an Emmy darling, and considering that she won for “The New Adventures of Old Christine” — a show that is hardly as good as “Veep” — you can’t really rule her out. However, this show, while funny and brilliantly satiric, is also problematic. The understanding that Vice-President Selina Meyer is the least likable of the characters here could hurt her, since it’s impossible to connect to her on any sort of real level.

3. Zooey Deschanel (“New Girl”) – Who’s that Emmy contender? It’s Jess! We give Zooey some major credit here for finding a way to turn around a character that was so over-the-top early in the season that she was annoying, and having her by the end of “New Girl’s” first season be someone that we wanted to root for. The awkward love scene with Justin Long alone is really enough to give her a nomination, and it is a defining moment of television in the past year.

2. Lena Dunham (“Girls”) – You have to follow trends sometimes, and Dunham is currently a name on the lips of many voters and diehard TV fans. “Girls” is such a polarizing show that it’s probably not going to get every vote, but if its supporters band together in this crowded field she should have a pretty good shot at this. Hannah is flawed in some ways like Selina Meyer, but the difference is that many young women know somebody like this character, and can even relate to her selfishness and struggle.

1. Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation”) – Dear Emmy voters, it’s time. A trophy for Poehler here would help make up for the absolutely dreadful snub of this show in the Comedy Series category, and she quite frankly deserves it. Just like the show has improved every season after starting out as just an imitation of “The Office,” Leslie Knope has also grown to the point where is now one of the funniest people on TV. Shouldn’t we also want to recognize a character with such hilarious delusions of grandeur? There’s really no one better suited for the Emmy this year.

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