‘Bachelor Pad 3’ review: Chris Bukowski is an evil, evil man … on TV

On Monday night’s new episode of “Bachelor Pad,” we really learned one thing above everything else — Chris Bukowski is here to play he game. Also, the twins obviously wanted to milk their 15 minutes of fame by being as awful as humanly possible. For a couple as desperate to get on reality TV to begin with, we’re surprised that they exited the show — and that the producers really were that interested in showing just how immature they were and completely incapable of understanding that this is a dating show for adults. Occasionally they are sleazy adults, but adults nonetheless.

The challenge

In a move to possibly lure voters away from an Olympic Games that is almost sure to Hulk smash this show in the ratings, the challenge for the week regarded dressing up the contenders in ridiculous costumes and forcing them to do gymnastics. We don’ really know what was more embarrassing here — the spandex, or the fact that the guys were actually leagues better here than the ladies. The winners got to take part in a date, while the losers got an automatic vote against them.

Through this, we learned that Erica Rose may be the most terrible challenge player of all time; meanwhile, Ed Swiderski picked up his reputation as the “drunk guy from the pool” last week and lost on his team. The winners were Michael Stagliano for the guys, and Blakeley Jones for the ladies.

The dates

Michael (Donna, Rachel, and Lindzi) – In an attempt to actually find real love on the show (which is a difficult proposition to begin with), Michael picked his dates based on who he thought he would actually have a real connection with. The verdict? Donna looked like a teenager who had Justin Bieber at her prom, and Rachel actually had some genuine chemistry with him. We like the idea of these two together, mostly because we didn’t see it coming.

Blakeley (Chris, David, and Ed) – It’s obvious that Blakeley picked Chris to be safe here, and what we really want to talk about here instead was just how insane Emily Maynard’s fourth-place finisher is getting in the house. Why does he think that making out with multiple women is a good strategy? Apparently, he believes that none of these ladies are ever going to talk with each other. Note to Chris — kissing multiple women is a bad strategy. It causes drama, and it’s also going to cause you to lose every bit of good will that you once had with this franchise.

The ladies caught a lucky break when it came to their Rose Ceremony, mostly because Erica and Brittany Taltos decided they wanted more air time and quit the show before they could be sent home.

Now, we turn to the guys. While Chris tried to control the ladies, it was actually Reid who tried to control the elimination at the end of the episode by getting the women to get rid of his longtime competitor in Ed — which would’ve been a real shame, since he’s the best thing this disappointment of a season has going for it so far. Thankfully, he did end up staying. The real beneficiary here in all of this drama was David, mostly because the newbie ended up actually staying. It was Ryan Hoag who left instead, and it was mostly due to Kalon’s statement out of the blue that he didn’t like the guy. Dear “Bachelor Pad” … please do a better job of setting up these eliminations in advance. Was Ryan really so boring that we didn’t need to see anything about him outside of Jamie pulling out his heart and stomping on it? (On a different note, we wonder how she feels now that she is watching the man of her dreams in Chris act like a complete and total hound dog.)

What did you think about Monday night’s new episode, and how happy are you that the twins are now gone from the house? Be sure to check out our contestant rankings here, and share your thoughts below!

Photo: ABC

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