‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin does not regret famous haircut

Oh, the memories…

Remember Kate Gosselin’s famous hair? Back before the start of her divorce from Jon, Kate was famous for her short (and often spiky) locks on the top of her head. She sported the look for years until she finally visited celebrity stylist Ted Gibson back in early 2010, and had her locks lengthened and dyed for a price that was reportedly set at around $7,000.

Does Kate regret the old look after it became the subject of such public ridicule? Speaking in a new interview with The Huffington Post, the “Kate Plus 8” star cites function as the reason for the shorter hairstyle — and claims that it fulfilled its purpose perfectly:

“I do not regret my old haircut. I will tell you why. Back when I had eight very small children I made the decision to cut it very short. I thought it through. I think everything through, and I remember thinking I can either wake up in the morning and have no time to do a thing … So I would answer the door looking like a fright … Or get it cut short where literally I could roll out of bed in the morning and not touch it and it looked literally exactly the same.”

Now that her famous children are a bit older, Kate can afford to spend a significantly longer span of time on her hair since she does not have to worry as much about changing diapers. While she does not have Jon around anymore to help out, she is assisted sporadically by a crew of nannies.

What did you think of Kate’s old look?

Photo: TLC

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