Adam Lambert notes: VH1 quotes, album sales, and more

Greg Hernandez
The VH1 special airs soon.

We have quite a bit going on right now in the Adam Lambert universe, so here are a number of stories placed into one article for your reading convenience.

Quotes via VH1

With the upcoming “Behind the Music” special airing August 7 being the main event this week for many Adam fans, we have discovered (via a news release) a collection of quotes from the VH1 program. Adam talks openly about his music, his past, and also some controversy that frequently surrounds him.

On his career thus far: “I think I’m a result of all the things I love about music. I love rock and roll. I love that bombastic approach to vocals and sexuality. And I love the production style of electronic music. I love all that. I like artists that take risks and that don’t want to blend in. That’s the kind of person that I am and that’s the kind of artist that I am.”

On the success of “For Your Entertainment” and some of its singles: “This is a crowning achievement for me. I definitely feel very accomplished. I feel like I’ve worked hard and I feel like the hard work has paid off. What more can you ask for? You know that’s why I auditioned for ‘Idol,’ was to have an album out there that people wanted to buy.”

On the hypocrisy of the American Music Awards criticism: “It felt like I was coming under attack, for reasons that were probably a little deeper then actually what I did. In fact the next day on television the talk show that did end up having me on as a guest last minute showed the kiss between Christina, Madonna, and Britney and then immediately followed it with a clip of my kiss with my bass player and they blurred it out. In that moment I thought well what message is this sending to kids? Is this sending that being two girls and kissing is okay, but two guys kissing is not okay? It was really frustrating.”

Newest album sales

There’s not necessarily a ton to report when it comes to the sales of Adam’s music to this point, but we have a minor update courtesy of RCA on Adam’s official message board.

-“Glam Nation Live” has sold approximately 39,000 units

-“Acoustic Live!” has sold approximately 28,000 units

-“For Your Entertainment” has sold approximately 822,000 units

A crack at Us Weekly

Finally, let’s close with a rather hilarious Twitter shot at Us Weekly by Sauli Koskinen after the tabloid misquoted Adam saying he had plans to get married — when in reality he said he had no plans “in the near future” to tie the knot:

“Now I am sooooo sad because I just found the perfect white wedding dress ;)”

As always, stay tuned for more news!

Photo: Greg Hernandez

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