‘Weeds’ review: Just how green is it anymore?

It’s a bit unusual watching an episode of “Weeds” these days, mostly because the Botwin family has slowly moved away from a family making their living in a rather particular business, and is now just trying to scramble to survive. While there may be some sort of moral high ground in their current stance on the pot trade, is it becoming pretty apparent that this gang is in some ways coming apart at the scenes.

When it comes to Nancy, she is coming to the realization that has no money until she can actually get herself bought out of the business for good. She’s having to blackmail for soccer team auditions, swim in someone else’s pool late and night, and struggle across the board to even take care of basic needs. As for Andy, he has transitioned from dealing with the family to trying to set up something on his own, and it failed for him dramatically.

While Andy is watching his personal life with Jill crumble before his eyes (especially after she slept with Doug out of all people), Shane is actually the only person on this show at the moment who is finding something positive happening in his life. The guy may very well be in love — even if he doesn’t quite know how to express it. Thankfully, he has found a partner at the police academy who is working through some of his eccentricities, and there is hope that these two could be a good match.

As a show as a whole, there’s no question that “Weeds” is entertaining and a times roll-on-the-floor funny — but what we are really unsure about at the moment is just where this show is going. Can you have “Weeds” without weeds? Is Nancy going to be able to find her new calling? There is only so much time left for the series, and there is still so much ground to cover.

As a “Survivor” fan, we also would be remiss to not mention during this episode by former “Gabon” contestant Jessica “Sugar” Kiper. Let’s just say that you saw a lot of her on the show.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to check out where you can see a certain actress from this show next, be sure to check out the story over at this link.

Photo: Showtime

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