‘Sons of Anarchy’ spoilers: A look beyond just season 5

FX was the center of the Television Critics Association summer panel on Saturday, and with that in mind we have a good opportunity to not only find out some details about the upcoming season, but we also got a glimpse into the future of “Sons of Anarchy” courtesy of showrunner Kurt Sutter.

With season 5 coming up, and with the possibility of two more seasons beyond that, we could very well still have plenty more show to enjoy before we end up seeing the end of the Sons’ run. However, Sutter is intent on assuring everyone of one thing — most of the main characters are going to be along for the entire ride:

“The show is the prince’s journey, so there is no show without Jax … My sense of where the show will end up definitely includes Jax, and perhaps Gemma and Clay.”

Now that he is five seasons in to the show, Sutter teased that he has now understood what he wants the endgame of the series to be — not only that, but he is writing with that in mind. When asked to summarize how we will get from point A (where we are now) to point B (where the show will be whenever it does drop the curtain), he responded with the following:

“The stakes get higher with each season, the circumstances get more dire, the wreckage gets deeper … And I think as a result of that things will change. I don’t quite know how that will all fall apart, but I know eventually it will.”

What are you expecting when season 5 premieres September 11? We want to hear from you below! What we can tell you is that Jimmy Smits (“Cane,” “Dexter” season 3) and Harold Perrineau (“Lost”) are each going to play major roles in some guest-starring arcs, and it will be interesting to see how they impact Jax’s world in a big way. “Community’s” Joel McHale is also going to stop by, but this is believed to be a smaller part due to his time commitments.

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Photo: FX

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