‘Bachelor Pad 3’ rankings: Rachel Truehart, Ed Swiderski contenders

Just as we did with “The Bachelorette” all season long, we are now kicking off a brand-new series of rankings when it comes to “Bachelor Pad.” Ranking contenders here, though, is of course far different than trying to rank people based on who is a right match for someone. This is a game about strategy more so than a game about love, and some of the best players here are those who make strong alliances or fly under the radar.

We don’t really know the contestants at the moment well enough yet to rank all of them — but for the time being, here are the leading five contenders in our mind. (We know that there are two people standing at the end, but here are the five who are the most likely to be present as a pair.)

5. Tony Pieper – Tony is probably not going to make it to the end, mostly because playing a game for his son pretty much amounts to a sob story. However, he is a likable guy, and he’s also quiet enough that he could make it pretty far in the game without being too much of a target at all.

4. Ryan Hoag – Ryan may be a physical guy, but he’s also a pretty smart one. The guys who do well on this show are the ones who try to immerse themselves in romance over drama, and so long as Ryan does this (and win a few challenges) he could be present for a while.

3. Sarah Newlon – Who? You may not even remember who Sarah is from Brad Womack’s first season, and that may actually work to her benefit. She doesn’t have to worry about the scarlet letter of being a newbie, but she doesn’t have he enormous weight of baggage on the show.

2. Ed Swiderski – Ed’s an interesting guy. On one side of the coin, he’s loud, outspoken, and willing to strip down and jump in the pool. In some competitions, that would make him a target … but not here. Instead, he is on this show the perfect person to keep around since nobody’s really going to take him seriously for a while.

1. Rachel Truehart – The best person on these sort of shows are those who find a way to be likable, and don’t have such a sizable history on the show behind them. Rachel is that perfect person in that she didn’t have a huge edit on Ben Flajnik’s season, but she is incredibly smart, funny, and savvy about this game. She may not even need to make big moves — she may be better off watching everyone around her implode.

Who is your favorite at this moment? To check out some more news pertaining to Erica and Brittany Taltos, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: ABC

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