‘The Glee Project’ rankings: Ali Stroker, Shanna Henderson face off

For the past few weeks with our “Glee Project” rankings, we have held pretty steadfast in one belief — that Shanna Henderson should stay #1 for as long as she avoids having to perform in front of Ryan Murphy. However, isn’t there a point where positive momentum can outweigh that? After all, remember that Marissa went home last season after just one appearance in the bottom, and you also do have to look at what contestants are currently riding high when it comes to momentum.

While we still think Shanna has everything on paper here to be a potential finalist, we have a new #1 this week who has never topped our rankings before.

6. Michael Wesiman (last week: #6) – Michael has done quite a bit good over the course of the competition — however, we haven’t quite seen him step it up to the level in which we would hope to see it on this show. He seems to be so inconsistent at times, and this seems to come from a general lack of confidence in what he is doing.

5. Lily Mae Harrington (last week: #5) – Some standout moments cannot make up for the week that Lily Mae says such phrases as “I don’t mean to make excuses,” and then follows them up with excuses. Out of everyone left in the competition, it feels as though she is the hardest one to work with.

4. Aylin Bayramoglu (last week: #4) – After getting what was described as a “repeat note” last week, Aylin barely was able to avoid being in the bottom three. There is still something about her that screams “potential star,” and we can’t see ourselves ever ranking her last here for this reason. She does, however, need to step it up the final few weeks in order to make it there.

3. Blake Jenner (last week: #2) – The top three on this list are all so incredible that we really have a hard time separating one from the other. Really, the only thing that may be holding Blake back at the moment is that Ryan Murphy may be looking for a female winner this time after having two men win last season — especially since so many female powerhouses such as Lea Michele and Amber Riley are now out of New Directions.

2. Shanna Henderson (last week: #1) – Really, Shanna’s drop is not so much indicative of what she isn’t doing so much as it is what Ali is bringing to the table. A show like this is as much about momentum as anything — and while Shanna has done a great job avoiding a last-chance performance all season long, she needs to find a way to win another homework assignment or be called first on the callback list.

1. Ali Stroker (last week: #3) – She’s not only won two straight homework assignments, but she’s also rocked in both music videos hat she’s done of late. What has impressed us the most about Ali is that she is completely fearless — she suggests things that add another layer of challenge to the video, and she is unafraid of mistakes. When she does struggle, she corrects it and doesn’t get down on herself. If you’re looking for a team player for “Glee,” you don’t have to look any further than her.

Who do you have at the top of your ranking? To check out the music video for Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Glee Project,” be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: Oxygen

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