‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Is Shane going back on his word?

When we wrote our first update following Shane’s Head of Household challenge in the “Big Brother” house on Thursday night, it was looking as though he was going to go along with his pre-established plan to put both Wil and Joe on he block in hopes of taking Janelle’s team down a notch.

(Warning: The following contains scoop straight from the live feed.)

If his conversations with his coach Britney and potential showmance partner Danielle were any indication at all of what was coming up, it looks as though Shane is now planning to try and drive a wedge between Team Boogie and Team Janelle. His best way to do that? Putting up Wil from Janelle’s team and Frank from Boogie’s. The one thing that is particularly notable about him doing this, though, is that Shane gave Frank his word recently that this wouldn’ happen as a part of a deal to work together moving forward. Part of Shane feels bad over having to break his word this early on in he game, though he also realizes that he has to do what is best for his game.

Since Danielle is the swing vote here, and he can pretty much tell her to vote however he wants her to in order to figure out who is safe, they will probably make sure that either Joe, Wil, or Frank is sent home this week. At some point, we could see Ian, Jenn, or Ashley up as pawns depending on who ends up winning the Power of Veto or is saved during the coaches’ competition, but they would probably just be pawns in order to evict the stronger players.

Do you think Shane is smart to pit these two teams against each other, or should he be trying to form an alliance to last a little big longer in the game? We want to hear from you below! To check out some more scoop straight from the “Big Brother” house, be sure to check out another recent update here.

Photo: CBS

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