Olivia Wilde’s dog gets more swag then she does

Olivia Wilde has found love with her pup

Olivia Wilde recently opened up about her private life, saying that her dog, Paco is basically her boyfriend right now and he’s the only one that gets to share a bed with the actress.

Since then, Olivia says that Paco has been receiving truckloads of swag from companies and that he’s been getting more then she does.  Wilde said;

“Is it sad, that my dog is essentially the man in my life? He’s a great dog, but it’s funny because ever since I mentioned that he was my boyfriend, he gets way more swag than I ever have. I mean, truckloads arrive at the house for him. When he hears a car pull up, he just waits, like he knows it’s for him!”

Olivia said that she saved Paco from a life of misery and adopted him through an animal shelter.  Wilde said;

“I found him through Much Love Animal Rescue, and he had been found in the back of a U-Haul truck with his five other brothers and sisters, and they hadn’t eaten for a week.  I’m just really lucky to have found him, because he’s my absolute favorite, favorite dog in the world.”

Sounds like Paco has the life of a king now!

Photo: David Shankbone

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