Katie Couric invites Sarah Palin onto daytime talk show

It may a rather awkward invitation, but that isn’t stopping Katie Couric at all from making it.

While speaking with reporters today in Los Angeles in an effort to promote her upcoming daytime series “Katie” — which is premiering on September 10 across what are mostly ABC affiliate stations –the former “Today Show” host suggested that there is one person that she has specifically invited to her opening episode in Sarah Palin.

For those of you who followed Couric while she was the anchor of the CBS Evening News, you are already more than familiar with the history that is present here between these two ladies. Many feel as though Palin’s failure to answer a question from Couric about how many newspapers she reads regularly — in addition to her comments about Alaska’s proximity to Russia — played a part ultimately in her losing support for the Vice-Presidency in the 2008 election with Senator John McCain. Palin has since come out against Couric, saying that this interview was designed in many ways to expose her weaknesses and trip her up. All along, Katie has denied doing anything wrong and wanting anything out of the one-time Alaska Governor outside of honest answers.

If these two parties do meet up on “Katie,” we have a feeling that the past will come up at some point — however, we also have a feeling that there is no way in a million years that Palin is ever going to agree to go on this show. There are some things that you can get over, but we’re not sure an interview that may have hurt your chances of being elected is one of them.

If you were Palin, would you agree to go on this show? Just to give you a greater sense of what Katie is up to these days, you can check out a video below of her having a discussion about healthy aging.

Photo: ABC

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