‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4: Kat Graham talks new side of Bonnie

All summer long, we have been saying that “The Vampire Diaries” has a great opportunity with season 4 to showcase a new (and potentially darker) side of Bonnie Bennett, and it now appears that they may actually be going in this very direction with the character.

Speaking to E! News in a brand-new interview, Kat Graham explained just what is going to becoming up for Bonnie in general terms, and if nothing else it does look as though she is not going to stand idly by and wait for instructions as she has in the past:

“Oh gosh, it’s good. It is really good … This is a season where Elena is in transition to become a vampire and then Bonnie is going to start to dabble in some crazy things. We get to see her going into another side maybe fans have yet to see her in. It’s cool.” 

We were starting to see a little bit of this with Bonnie when it came to her actions during the end of season 3, but she was not entirely in control of what she was doing. Instead, the Original Witch turned her a little bit into a puppet, and she was ultimately responsible for unleashing the supercharged version of Alaric all over Mystic Falls before his death during the finale. We know that the hatred for vampires is certainly there, but the problem is that both of her best friends are now creatures of the night.

Do you think that a darker Bonnie could end up creating some great layers for these characters, especially since Elena and the Salvatores would have so much trouble trying to justify killing her? If you want some more details as to what is coming up this season for Elena, be sure to travel over to this link faster than Damon looking for prey.

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