‘So You Think You Can Dance’ review: Cyrus Spencer is back!

This week on “So You Think You Can Dance,” we saw everyone bring it in some form or another — but we also saw some more evidence that it’s not just great choreography that elevates performances. It also has a lot to do with music.

Before we get to the results, here’s a look at the routines from the night.

Tiffany Maher and George Lawrence II – Did anyone else feel that this routine was maybe too sweet? We get that Tabitha & Napoleon are expecting a child together, but we didn’t necessarily have to see a whole routine themed around babysitting. It also felt that George actually got a little bit tired near the end of the routine.

Brandon Mitchell and Amber Jackson – Talk about chemistry! After watching this performance, we wish that these two were actually together for the entire run of the show. They have enough chemistry that this jazz number nearly set the entire floor on fire. We like — a lot.

Janelle Issis and Dareian Kujawa – Really? Why would you make these two do a cha-cha to “Call Me Maybe”? It may very well be the song of 2012, but it doesn’t really mesh well with a ballroom routine. We’re not going to blame this so much on Janelle and Dareian, mostly because it’s hard to have great chemistry with a dance structured like this one was.

Lindsay Arnold and Cole Horibe – Could we love this couple any more? We’re not quite sure. They have yet to give a subpar performance, and their take on the Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” was one of the finest performances of the night. It was not only touching, but the lighting and choreography also helped to accent this performance far more than what we ended up seeing from Janelle and Dareian.

Amelia Lowe and Will Thomas – So long as Amelia keeps getting routines that are from the Zooey Deschanel school of quirkiness, she is going to go far in this competition. She has been lucky in some ways when it comes to having choreographers who are willing to play to her strengths, but she also has a partner in Will who is a dancing chameleon.

Audrey Case and Matthew Kazmierciak – What is it about ballroom struggling this season? Outside of the paso doble featuring Cole and Lindsay the first week, we haven’t loved any of these routines — and unfortunately, we have to add Audrey and Mathew’s routine to this list. It just didn’t rise to the level that we would have wanted at this stage in the competition.

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and Whitney Carson – Chehon and Whitney had a bit of an unfair advantage here with this performance. Why? Let’s just say that they go to perform a song by Whitney Houston that already has a deep personal connection to the late singer, and they topped that off with one of the best dances of the season. We just get enough Chehon.

Cyrus Spencer and Eliana Girard – After a so-so performance last week, Cyrus came back here with a vengeance. This was strong, refreshing hip-hop routine that actually showed off the ballet dancer even more than the man who was not too far removed from the style that he does on an everyday basis.

The results

Nigel did not have all of the contestants dance for their lives, and the panel decided to save Lindsay without even making her hit the stage again. Meanwhile, Amber was sent home among the ladies, and Brandon for the guys. While we were sad to see them go, they at least left on a high note after their best routine of the season.

Do you think the judges and America made the right choice? To compare these results with our predictions from before the show, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: Fox

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