2012 Emmy rankings: Is ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Bryan Cranston a lock?

Now that we’ve covered both the Outstanding Comedy and Drama Series categories in our 2012 Emmy rankings, we’re not turning to some of the individual acting honors.

For the field of Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, we have yet again a field of six strong performances who are worthy of recognition. However, it’s really hard for us to justify being a favorite to win this award other than a man famous for Walter White.

6. Michael C. Hall (“Dexter”) – Anyone who reads this site often knows us to be “Dexter” fans, but it’s no secret that season 6 was the series’ worst yet. It’s ultimately surprising that Hall even got the nod over Kelsey Grammer or Timothy Olyphant this year, and we can’t see a situation going down where he wins.

5. Hugh Bonneville (“Downton Abbey”) – Although “Downton Abbey” is a leader in nominations, Bonneville was a bit of a surprise nomination from this standpoint. With the other actors in this category being more well-known to American audiences, he has an uphill battle of the worst kind.

4. Steve Buscemi (“Boardwalk Empire”) – To a lesser extent, Buscemi has the same problem that Michael C. Hall does. “Boardwalk Empire” really didn’t generate much buzz at during season outside of the finale, but he’s still nominated — though don’t expect that to bring him even remotely close to getting a victory.

3. Damian Lewis (“Homeland”) – “Homeland” is the darkhorse show at this year’s Emmys — it won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for being the best drama series, and Lewis’ Brody is a big reason for that. However, do people think that Claire Dane is the reason for the show’s success as much as Damian?

2. Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”) – It’s still stunning that Hamm has never won an Emmy for the role of Don Draper, just like Hugh Laurie is now never going to officially win one for playing Gregory House. Blame Bryan Cranston … and Kyle Chandler last year. It’s hard to ever rule the guy out considering the Emmys’ love for “Mad Men,” and they may decide that he is due this year despite it not being Don’s finest year.

1. Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”) – It may be predictable, but Cranston should and will win. Not only did he give his best performance ever this season as Walt, but he deserves the trophy more than anyone else. Ten years from now, we have a feeling that this character and this performance are going to be looked at the same was as James Gandolfini and some of the other greatest TV actors ever.

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