‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: The Blue Team goes down in history

When Gordon Ramsay started off this season, we wonder if he realized just how unbalanced his cast on “Hell’s Kitchen” truly was. We have a few ladies on this season who are among the best we’ve ever seen — but unfortunately, we were reminded once again Tuesday night that we have some of the worst men ever as the two teams finally merged for the final six.

Basically, this episode featured a number of shocking elements. First, we had a challenge that contained so much failure that it was the first time ever both teams have lost it — and with that, they had to each do the punishment. Following that, dinner service was hardly any better — despite cooking food that they have pretty much all season long, the entire Blue Team imploded and they couldn’t do a single thing right. We struggle to think of a service where every single team member has finished the night together and without help from anyone else — on this occasion, Barbie had to come over and lend a helping hand to Brian. Do we think that these guys probably did cook a lot of things right? Sure, and we’d be glad to eat their food any day — at the same time, though, you have to be prepared to be perfect on a show like this to avoid being singled out.

Thanks in part to Brian’s mistake (and the dozens that came before it), we unfortunately said goodbye to the show’s token comedian of the year. We are going to miss him for entertainment purposes, but let’s be real — did you really think any of these guys besides Justin was going to get a black jacket? We at point point thought he and Christina would be the perfect way to close this season — but after watching yet another Blue Team disaster, it has to be Christina and Dana. There’s no reason a guy should even be at the end this season based on how everything has gone.

Do you think that the right people all have black jackets at this point? We want to hear from you! If you want to flash back to Monday night’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen,” be sure to check out the story here.

Photo: Fox

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