‘Bones’ season 8 spoilers: What will Brennan try to save?

Do you want to see “Bones” jump into the world of endangered species? It’s an unfamiliar story both for this show and others in primetime, but we are pleased to see an upcoming season 8 episode tackle the controversial and dangerous act of keeping exotic animals as pets.

For some further explanation on the episode’s story, executive producer Stephen Nathan had the following to say in a chat with TVLine:

“It’s a story about smuggling endangered species into the states as pets … In fact, what is horrifying is that there are more tigers as pets in Texas than there are in the wild. So we’re doing a story about animal smuggling that takes place in one of those pet expos.”

From a political standpoint, this is going to be an episode that is especially fascinating to watch. Many people within Hollywood are especially proponents of animals rights, and series star Emily Deschanel in particular has done some sort with PETA in the past. However, not everyone across America necessarily shares all of these viewpoints, and it may be a balancing act to try and place the show’s message in between where the actors are and the thoughts of people watching at home. It definitely is going to be something interesting to watch — though we still have to get through what happens with Booth and Brennan in the season premiere first before the two can really take on any more challenging cases.

What do you think about this idea for an episode? The season premiere of “Bones” will air September 17, and if you want to check out some news about another upcoming plot for this coming season, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: Fox

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