‘Bachelor Pad 3’: Is Kalon McMahon really still a villain?

Whenever you go into a show like “Bachelor Pad,” you really are given what is in many ways a new reality TV lease on life. Even if you are someone that viewers hated the first time hey saw you — think Michelle Money as a prime example — a simple change of attitude and edit can suddenly turn you into a hero.

On Monday night’s season 3 premiere, Kalon McMahon had hat very opportunity — however, he chose to flounder it by acting arrogant and throwing a target the size of the entire state of California on his back. Based on what show host Chris Harrison had to say about his actions after the show to TV Guide, it also looks as though this will not be changing at any point in the near future:

“The thing about Kalon is that he really is unaware. You wish you could pull him out of his own body and let him watch what we’re watching. But that comes with age, experience and wisdom, and he’ll get that. He’ll look back and think, “Wow I was really an ass to Emily and was rude and there was no justification for what I said and did.”

Even in spite of him having this perception of a villain, though, we already know that somehow Kalon managed to find some sort of love with Lindzi Cox on the show, and the two have even been dating in the weeks that have followed filming. We don’t know exactly how this happened or what she sees in him just yet, but we should get an opportunity to find out more in the weeks ahead. Who knows? Underneath all of that sarcasm and general “bad boy” behavior, there may be someone who is actually a better person hat he is letting on.

Do you think this show could turn around any of these guys’ reputations this season? Be sure to read our review of the premiere, and we want to hear some more of your thoughts below.

Photo: ABC

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