‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: What is Gordon Ramsay thinking?

Every season on “Hell’s Kitchen,” there are always a few eliminations that cause us to roll our eyes. Sometimes, we wonder just how Gordon Ramsay makes his decisions — there is only so much that we can see on TV, and it’s possible that the chef is sent home for something that we don’t always seen on camera.

After all, how in the world do you justify Ramsay sending Kimmie home? She had never been in the bottom two before, and more often than not generally drew praise for her cuisine. Meanwhile, you have four other chefs in Barbie, Clemenza, Brian, and Robyn who have all appeared in he bottom on multiple occasions in the past.

So what was the issue here? In looking back over everything that Kimmie has done, we really have to chalk her exit up to a pair of factors:

1. Monday night’s episode was themed all about southern cooking, and despite her knowing the subject matter like the back of her hand, she struggled when it came to catfish.

2. Chefs had to take risks and be hard-nosed, and Kimmie wasn’t that. She sat out of multiple challenges that could have tested her skills further, and she would also tear up more in the kitchen than just about anyone else. Ramsay is an executive producer on this show — while it may not be fair to be judged on things outside of the kitchen, he’s looking for a head chef. Why wouldn’t you consider some external factors?

While personally we would have preferred to see Kimmie around for a few weeks longer in the competition, it really didn’t matter when she was sent home — just like it doesn’t matter when we say goodbye to Robyn, Brian, Clemenza, and Barbie. Dana, Christina, and Justin are really the only three chefs who seemingly have a shot a winning this competition in our mind, and we can’t wait to see the showdown here.

If you were Ramsay, would you have sent Kimmie home? To check out some more recent “Hell’s Kitchen” news, be sure to visit our link here.

Photo: Fox

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