‘Bachelor Pad 3’ review: Ed Swiderski redefines ‘hot mess’

Bachelor Pad” has arrived! It’s loud, it’s ridiculous, and we’re not sure there are too many people on this show who are exactly that likable. What we do know is this — we need Ed Swiderski on this show for as long as humanly possible.

First things first, we will say that we feel absolutely horrible for Jillian Harris that she had to be engaged to this guy for a year. This is clearly a dude that is happy being single. Clearly. As long as he’s not breaking anyone else’s heart, though, we are thrilled to have him around. Just in the first half-hour, Ed took off his clothes, jumped in the pool, got drunk, and then walked off halfway during one of Chris Harrison’s speeches. Heck, he even almost found a way to make his current partner Jaclyn Swartz almost likable.

Of course, hungover Ed never had a chance to actually win this challenge — instead, we ended up having to see the continued antics of twins Erica and Brittany along with David. Are there any contestants out there more irritating than the former “Jersey Shore” stars (and we use the term “star” loosely)? Every time we see one of them talking about of their romantic past, all we can picture is Vinny, Deena, and an awkward moment involving a bed and Florence. Their “date” was actually pretty boring on this show, as was most of the rest of this episode’s drama — which mostly consisted of Blakeley Shea badmouthing Chris Bukowski after kissing Jamie Otis from Ben Flajnik’s season. (Ironically, Jamie got further with Chris this week than she did during all of Ben’s season.)

The elimination this week ended up being more predictable than ever, and we really blame it on this silly twist involving bringing new people in the house. We saw two newbies leave the game! Shocker! We barely know even who Paige and the Swat Team guy even were, but what we can say was that Paige was about ready to marry Reid from Jillian’s season after just two days around him. Yep, that’s how you know it is “Bachelor Pad,” people! There are some love connections starting to form, and next week they could be taken to another level.

What did you think about Monday’s premiere?┬áTo compare some of what happened on the show with our actual predictions, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: ABC

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