‘Weeds’ review: Is season 8 moving forward?

After seeing the first few episodes of season 8 take some major steps forward when it came to Nancy finding the a man that shot her in Tim, Sunday night’s new episode of “Weeds” was much more stagnant. A good portion of the episode was spent watching Doug fight with a neighbor over dog poop, and there some other plots in here involving Shane’s love life that were more of a slow burn than anything really setting the world on fire.

Sometimes episodes are really more about buildup than anything else, and this is what this installment really felt like in a nutshell. After seeing Nancy struggle at times with her memory throughout last week’s episode, he problem rose to another level this week as it was clear that the bullet is still having some rather unpleasant side effects in regards to her mental state. At one point, she was even forgetting names and falling asleep while at dinner. After everything that Nancy has done, is this her way of having to pay the piper?

As though this wasn’t enough, we also seem to be witnessing some of the first real issues in Andy’s relationship with Jill — something that was not tested to the same exact level when Nancy was in he hospital since she was getting the full attention of her man. Now that she is out, though, there is an issue in regards to priorities. We don’t know how long these two are going to be able to keep it together, in particular as the world surrounding them seems to be on its way to becoming more and more of a madhouse.

Really, everything in this episode at the end of the day seemed to really just be there to carry over into what we are going to see next week — there wasn’t much resolution, but luckily there were still plenty of laughs.

What did you think about this episode? If you want to check out some more spoilers related to the rest of this season, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: Showtime

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