‘America’s Got Talent’: Team iLuminate, Melissa Villasenor shine

America’s Got (uneven) Talent

After a week of performances on “America’s Got Talent” last week that were arguably the best on the show yet, we now fall back to earth a little bit. There were a number of acts that were uneven this week (to say the least). Just how bad were the acts at times? All you have to do is look below to see that a guy who completely fell apart on stage (in the Kinetic King) was not ranked at the bottom.

In fact, even some of the better acts this week were marred by a few errors here and there.

12. Avery and the Calico Hearts – While these girls are probably not going to be advancing further in the competition, maybe they will at least get their dream of meeting Justin Bieber realized. They were too “Alvin & the Chipmunks” for this show, and really Sharon Osbourne did them a disservice by suggesting they would be back next week.

11. Taylor Davis – For the choice of music, we  give him an A — unfortunately, Taylor’s voice was more of a D. Piers Morgan was right in saying that Taylor was out of key, and he was also extremely shaky and nervous. It was a performance were you truly wanted it to end.

10. Sam B – Yes, this is a guilty pleasure — but not if you are paying to see him in Las Vegas. This is the sort of thing you are entertained by when you are bored at your nephew’s birthday party, and someone decides to get up and start dancing after having one beer too many. In the context of this show, we would need a good bit of beer to enjoy this.

9. The Kinetic King – This is awkward. While in many ways this was the biggest trainwreck ever on the show, the King handled it in such a hilariously awkward way that this was actually more entertaining than most of the acts on the show thus far. Someone needs to give this guy a comedy show!

8. Charles Peachock – What do Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne expect from jugglers? After every singer under the sun gets unfairly praised, the judges were too harsh on this guy and his piano act. Was is it completely original? Not, but it was incredibly impressive.

7. Fatally Unique – There may be some bias here, largely because dance crews seem so run-of-the-mill on this show after watching “America’s Best Dance Crew” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” This group was solid, but they failed to really bring anything new to the table.

6. Scott Alexander – This was a bizarre gospel-themed trick, to say the least. While it was nice to see the magician change it up a little bit, pretty much everyone at home probably thinks with this that the choir just used a platform, went backstage, and then walked over to the other platform and “appeared.”

5. Frank Miles – Do we judge the act based on execution, or entertainment? This has been the question of this episode in particular. The whole premise of the episode was that Frank’s chain reaction of arrows was supposed to strike a jelly doughnut on top of his head — and it just didn’t happen. On the other hand, everything else about Frank’s act was thoroughly entertaining.

4. Zuma Zuma – Everything about this group just screams “fun.” They smile a lot, are extremely talented acrobats, and really bring something new to the table every time. While there could have been more stunts, they were completely entertaining.

3. Melissa Villasenor – Are the judges out of their minds? Melissa was not only hilarious, but she was creative with some of her impressions. Her singing voice was also better than most of the other singers during this episode, and her only real flaw was that Judy Garland is not exactly a person that many young people out in America will know. That being said, we loved it.

2. Yellow Design Stunt Team – With there being three motorcycle acts in the competition at this point, it would be easy to discount these guys as “yet another dance crew.” Thankfully, they shocked us by being original, fun, and even spectacular with all of their stunts. Most importantly, they made us not care that one of the cyclists botched a stunt and fell on their face.

1. Team iLuminate – Simply incredible. iLuminate seems to take the foundation set by Fighting Gravity last year, and then take it up a notch with some of the most incredible visual stunts ever. This is an act that could very well win this competition, and their storytelling skills make it possible that they could ultimately have a long-form act in Vegas. We’re still in awe.

What act was your favorite?

Photo: NBC

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