‘The Bachelorette’ finale review: Was it Jef Holm or Arie Luyendyk Jr.?

On Sunday night’s two-hour finale of “The Bachelorette,” we saw just about everything you would expect from the show — whether it be drawn-out montages and awkward meetings with family. However, there were also a few things that caught us a little bit off guard.

First and foremost, Emily broke her pre-established rule and decided to let Jef Holm meet her daughter Ricki while on their final one-on-one date. The date went perfectly, and the end result of this was her making up her mind a little bit earlier than just about anyone expected. As a result, she decided to forgo her final date with Arie Luyendyk Jr. in order to break the news to him that he wasn’t going to be the right guy or her, after all. She did care about him, but her feelings for Jef were now on another level. Does this stink from Arie’s perspective? We’re betting that it does — however, we do have to give her a little bit of credit for not dragging this out and then crushing him even worse in the end when he felt as though he was going to propose with a ridiculously expensive ring in hand.

As expected, Arie was completely and totally crushed as a result of hearing this news — but before we got to that, we had production be completely and totally awful to the guy by having him make a love potion before she even arrived. Eventually she did show up, tell him, and things went downhill from there. This was probably not made easier by Emily not exactly doing the best job of explaining herself for the first few minutes. Arie was obviously angry about it, and understandably so — which is going to make this a rather interesting “After the Final Rose” special.

Before it actually came time for Jef to pop the question to his now-girlfriend, there was one question that was still floating around out there — would she actually say yes? She admitted to having some trepidation in fear that it wouldn’t work out … but we all knew that this was just drama to make the moment more exciting. She of course said “yes” to the proposal, and they had their happy ever after. Or did they? Check back soon, as we’re going to have more from the “After the Final Rose” special.

Do you think that Emily made the right choice? To check out some more of the latest “Bachelorette” news — including where Emily is going to appear next once her time on this show is over — be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: ABC

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