‘Dancing with the Stars’ alum Bristol Palin and an f-word crisis

Even though few people are now watching the Lifetime reality series “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp,” a clip from a recent episode of the show is going viral for all of the wrong reasons.

As you can see below (so long as you are living in the United States), Bristol and her sister Willow are having a conversation when the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant’s son Tripp starts to make a rather nasty series of comments. After Willow chides him for saying that he “hates” them, the child then proceeds to use an “f word” that is best used as a gay slur. Rather than freaking out on the kid, the two appear shocked before they start laughing to each other.

We try not to pass judgment or get involved with politics, but this is the second time that a member of this TV-friendly family has been in hot water for a homophobic slur. It was actually Willow herself who landed in hot water back in 2010 after using the same word in a fight with someone posting negative comments about her on Facebook. You also have to assume here that the child picked up the word from somewhere, and we’re actually surprised that this footage ended up being released for audiences to see to begin with rather than having it locked up behind closed doors. Regardless of your political party, this is the sort of thing that can end up getting used against you if you want to run for an election down the road — and in the case of Sarah Palin, it doesn’t matter that she was not present when the moment happened.

After watching this video, what do you think both about the Palin children and about the show putting this clip out there?┬áTo check out some more news pertaining to the “Dancing with the Stars” all-stars season, be sure to head on over to this link.

Update: The showrunner for the program has since told Gawker that Tripp actually used a different “f word” and not the gay slur — we do apologize to the Palin family for, as many other outlets have, getting it wrong. Granted, there are certainly plenty of people who are probably nearly as offended about him saying “f–k” as with the other word.

Photo: Lifetime

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