‘The Bachelorette’ host offers Bentley Williams interview invite

Should he do it?

The Bachelorette” contained a few memorable moments during its final two episodes of the season, but there was one glaring omission in the coverage — the lack of a Bentley Williams presence. The show’s most notorious contestant did not appear during “The Men Tell All” Sunday night, and this is in spite of the fact that pretty much everyone over the course of the evening was talking about them.

Will Bentley ever decide to try and explain himself for what he did to Ashley Hebert? While he may opt to stay silent, show host Chris Harrison presented a rather generous offer to him in a new blog entry Tuesday morning:

“I was very disappointed Bentley didn’t show up for the taping. As I mentioned we extended an invitation to him but he opted not to come. I would very much like to sit down and interview him. I have a standing invitation out to him that I will interview him anywhere and anytime he wants. As anybody that’s ever been on this show will tell you, I will give him a very fair interview. I’m really not looking to bury the guy. What’s done is done! I just want to find out his motivation and what he thinks about his actions now and how they’ve affected his life. Does he regret what he did and would he like to apologize to anybody?”

If Bentley did agree to do this, we would only have one reason behind it — a desire to apologize for what he said and to move on with the rest of his life. However, he may also be wary of coming back and getting dogpiled — while he may deserve it in the eyes of many, he has no obligation to sit there and take the criticism.

Do you think Bentley should agree to sit down for an interview after being quiet since his exit?

Photo: ABC

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