‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Jim Beaver on possible return

Anyone who watches “Supernatural” knows one thing very well at this point when it comes to some of the characters — death does not exactly often mean the end for many of these characters. Misha Collins’ Castiel is certainly one example of a character who keeps finding ways to re-enter the world despite being seemingly gone for good, and the same can be very much said about Jim Beaver’s character of Bobby.

So what does the actor himself have to say about his potential return to the show? You can certainly look at his appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego as one bit of evidence that he will be back, and his answer to a question by Entertainment Weekly hints very much at the same exact thing:

“Dramatically speaking, you’ve hit on one of the dilemmas of the show and I think they’ve managed very well to walk the line without crossing over too much into making death less meaningful … It’s dangerous if your show is about threatening people with destruction every week but destruction doesn’t matter because you get to come back. You don’t always get to come back and you don’t always get to come back well. What the show has done really well is creating characters that fans love so much that any step over that line gets attenuated by the fact that the audience is so happy to see the character back.”

Really, much of the credit for such actors as Collins and Beaver being able to be back around the show has to be given to the fans — who are not only loyal, but outspoken about being able to see Sam and Dean surrounded by some familiar faces throughout their adventures.

Do you think we should see more of Bobby again on he show? We want to hear from you below! To check out some more news about when we will first see Castiel on the show this coming season, be sure to head on over to this link.

Photo: The CW

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