‘Big Brother 14’: Willie Hantz talks to Russell about getting expelled

For the first time since he was kicked out of the “Big Brother 14” house for exhibiting some violent behavior, Willie Hantz is speaking out — though we cannot exactly say that this first interview was exactly unbiased.

In a video interview with his brother Russell Hantz and his nephew Brandon (which you can see below), Willie actually was fairly humble despite being in a setting with multiple people in his corner, saying that he made “a lot of mistakes” early on in his game, and by the time he was kicked out, he really had just put himself in a terrible position:

“It was the fact that I couldn’t play my game … Just the way everything lined up kind of [put the pressure on me].”

Willie actually said that he was not actually trying to get evicted when he told Head of Household Frank that he was trying to get himself kicked out — rather, he was just trying to mess with his mind. It was then later that he got into with Joe in what was really just a spur-of-the-moment fight, and he admitted to head-butting him after some nasty words were exchanged. However, there were two interesting things that Willie brought up here that not everyone may know:

1. Supposedly, Joe put his “dukes” up before anything actually happened between the wo.

2. Joe also then “flopped” like a soccer player, as Willie claims he really didn’t hit him as hard as the chef made it appear.

At the end of the day, Willie was relatively remorseful about what transpired late Friday night, in particular with his coach Britney, who he said was a great person who had to make some tough decisions with her other two team members (in Shane and JoJo) after he started to go off the rails a little bit.

Had Willie stayed in the game, do you think that he would have somehow managed to avoid getting expelled? To check out more news related to the Power of Veto, be sure to head over to this link.

Photo: CBS

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