‘American Idol’ season 12: Exec talks Adam Lambert, Harry Connick Jr.

Even though there has been no official indication yet that Nigel Lythgoe has even signed on for sure to return as executive producer for “American Idol” season 12, it has been pretty much assured that he will be coming back — and with that, he engaged in a lengthy discussion on Twitter Saturday over some of the people who could be ideal judges for the show following the news that both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are leaving after two seasons.

First things first, Nigel started off all sorts of controversy by chiding Adam Lambert fans for tweeting him time and time again that the former season 8 star should come back to the show as a judge:

“I am not impressed by Adam’s fans cluttering my ‘personal’ twitter site with their request for Adam to be a judge onĀ #IDOL. It doesn’t help.”

We’re certainly not going to say anything negative about anyone being passionate, especially since this passion is what sets Adam’s fans apart from many others. The one argument that Nigel was probably trying to make (had he versed it better) was that he wants to hear other viewpoints as well, and it is hard to find them in the midst of hundreds of messages all about one person.

In moving beyond that, there were a number of interesting suggestions that were sent in Nigel’s direction — including Cheryl Cole, Ben Folds, Harry Connick Jr., and Kelly Clarkson. The problem with many of these names? With the exception of Connick, all of these people are well-known for judging other reality shows, and would just make the show feel as a whole like it was “The X Factor,” “Duets,” or any of the other programs that they were on. (With that being said, Folds was a particularly great judge on a show that was killed in a bad timeslot last fall.) Connick may actually be a good choice in that he is charismatic, knows music incredibly well, and is not going to be someone who sits there and feeds contestants lines about how “beautiful” that their voices are. We’d be on board for a panel hat consisted of Adam, Harry, and Mariah Carey — who is supposedly in deep discussions to come on the show for a hefty paycheck exceeding $15 million.

Who do you think would be the two best judges to join Mariah on a panel next season? To check out some more news pertaining to Adam in particular, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Fox

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