‘Big Brother 13’ live feed: Shelly strikes a new ‘deal’


When it comes to her “Big Brother” game, you have to give Shelly credit — even if it may end up blowing up in her face, the woman is playing aggressive. What sort of tricks is she up to next?

(Warning: the following contains potential spoilers.)

On Tuesday afternoon, Shelly decided to orchestrate some sort of new agreement with Porsche, largely as a means to keep herself safe next week in the event that she wins Head of Household. At this point, Shelly has a deal with nearly everyone in the house with the exception of Kalia, Lawon, and Daniele — who appear to be on the other side fighting for their own lives.

What is equally surprising (for now) is that both Shelly and Porsche seem to want to put up Kalia and Lawon if they win HoH — completely bypassing the fact that Rachel will still be in the house as a potential challenge threat. (In addition, she’s probably also going to be enraged over the loss of her fiance in the game.)

As Porsche and Shelly are going to figure out sooner rather than later, though, making so many deals will end up backfiring. At some point, all of these people involved in these various deals are going to talk to each other — and realize that both of them are bigger threats than were initially perceived. (However, for now Jeff and Jordan seem to have no problem encouraging Shelly to be their “mole” to extract information from the newbies.)

Do you think Shelly and Porsche have a long life in this game ahead, or are they both trying to do too much during a week where they are not in trouble?

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