‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: More on Willie Hantz’s exit

Now that we are about twelve hours removed from the rather shocking (or was it really that shocking at all?) exit of Willie Hantz from the “Big Brother” house, we have a little bit more clarity and perspective on what happened — though it’s really not helping him look any better as a player or a person.

Since we’re not sure exactly how much production is going to show of this Sunday night, we’ll do our best to detail all of the events here.

-The drama started off when Janelle won he coaches’ challenge and made Willie into a have-not. He was clearly unhappy about this, so he started to scream, curse, and threaten to get himself removed from the game before he could be evicted.

-After the feeds went down, Willie supposedly called Janelle a word beginning with a “c,” and threw some pork rinds in her face that we’re not sure he should have been having to begin with as a have-not.

-Willie started to kick the door of the have-not room, and nearly broke it off of his hinges. This was bad enough, but the straw that apparently broke the camel’s back was when he supposedly “head-butted” Joe in a physical altercation. We’re not sure if this really happened or not, but this is what some of the houseguests are claiming.

So what’s happening now? It’s simply all about strategy. Frank has put JoJo and Shane on the block, with the reason for this being that he never got to make nominations before Willie got himself expelled. Some of the coaches are now talking about the likely possibility that they are going to enter this game, with Dan and Janelle specifically saying that they plan on working together.

One thing that is totally missing in all this? Despite how much everyone says that they hate Boogie, he is totally winning. He has his full team safe for the time being, many of them are working with a woman who hates him in Janelle, and his own manipulation of Willie in part led to him getting tossed from the game.

Are you still stunned by all of this, and do you think the coaches have to enter the game now? We want to hear from you below! Also, you can check out some more “Big Brother” updates by visiting this link, clicking  on the image below, or checking out the sidebar to the right.

Update: Check out the following “apology” from Willie below:

“I wanna apologize 2 @CBSBigBrother @CBS and ALL the fans 4 doing what I did last night. I truly LUV BB and am grateful 4 the opportunity … However I am not sorry to Joe the fat a– chef and Janelle’s Michael Jackson nose looking a–! NO one bully’s me. No matter what is at stake”

Photo: CBS

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