‘Big Brother 14’ live feed spoilers: Did Willie Hantz leave the game?

There was a shocker that happened in the “Big Brother” house on Friday night — and it may very well be one of the strangest things that we have ever seen transpire.

(Warning: the following contains footage straight from the live feed.)

After being upset over losing Head of Household, Britney losing the coaches’ challenge, and then being named a have-not by Janelle after this very challenge, Willie Hantz has left the game. Some details are still unclear right now, but he was not back when the live feed returns and many of Britney’s other team members were cursing him out and blaming him for the entire downfall of their game.

It does appear based on some of the comments in he house that he was actually removed after making threats against some of the other houseguests and acting violent, and he is the third contestant in four seasons to leave the game by means other than eviction. Chima was expelled in season 11, and Evel Dick quit in season 13 due to a family emergency. How ungrateful is this guy? After watching so many people desperate to play this game, why get into this house and act out when things don’t go your way?

As a result of Willie leaving, the show had an impromptu nomination ceremony and both JoJo and Shane were put on the block by Head of Household Frank . As a result of this, Britney is likely going to only have one member of her team left by the end of this week. This additional departure also pretty much ensures that we are going to need some returning houseguests (or the coaches entering the game) if we want this show to last he length of time that it is supposed to.

Since this is is breaking news, we are going to update this story as soon as more information comes out. What’s your reaction to Willie’s exit? Be sure to also check out some more of the latest “Big Brother” news!

Photo: CBS

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