‘Project Runway’ season 10: Heidi Klum vs. Lauren Graham

When you have a guest judge on your reality show, it’s somewhat of an unwritten rule that you at least do your best to be nice to them. While Heidi Klum certainly is not going to be handed a rude card for what happened during the panel portion of “Project Runway” Thursday night, she certainly was rather blunt when it came to her thoughts about some comments made by Lauren Graham.

While the “Parenthood” star was critiquing a piece created by contestant Beatrice, she tried to explain that maybe she should stick to what she knows rather than trying to expand her design into something different. However, this was met almost immediately with a quick rebuke from Klum:

“But they also will not win on ‘Project Runway’ if they just make T-shirts.”

Lo and behold, it was Klum who ended up winning this war of words — even though it was far more polite than we are making it out to be here. Beatrice was eliminated at the end of the episode, which was a fine start to a season that we know still has much of its best content ahead. We know that there are two exits coming up that are especially exciting, mostly due to the fact that they will feature a pair of contestants actually making the decision to quit the show. While one of them will leave in a somewhat-traditional matter — or as least however traditional quitting a show can be — the other one will actually get up and leave taping in the middle of the night. We’re still interested in seeing how this transpires on camera, mostly because we’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Do you think Klum was right to jump in on Graham’s commentary, and what did you think about this episode as a whole? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and head over to this link for more news from the show.

Photo: Lifetime

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