‘Anger Management’ review: Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards reunite

Who wants to see Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards together again? While it doesn’t look as though here is any chance of that ever happening again in real life, he exes did show off some nice chemistry together on Thursday night’s new episode of “Anger Management.” The storyline also felt like one that was very close to what we would have seen from Sheen on “Two and a Half Men” — it was a self-contained storyline about Charlie trying to get the latest target of his romantic interest, and then the aftermath of what happens when id doesn’t work out at the end.

Richards’ character on this show was a little bit different that her “one who got away” on the CBS sitcom — she was a businesswoman named Lori who was trying to start up a new venture with his ex, and the two on paper actually seemed to have everything in common. However, in Charlie’s mind a red flag came up the moment that he learned she didn’t believe in therapy — and it really all spiraled from there. She doesn’t believe in therapy … but yet she believed in ghosts, psychic powers, and astrology. It’s the sort of character that could only be created in a sitcom, and the number of differences between the two was too much to make the relationship work.

Whether it be this story or his therapy group filled with┬ámostly┬áby-the-numbers patients, there is hardly really anything on this show that can be criticized to the point where it would matter. “Anger Management” is what it is — it’s an occasionally funny sitcom with some talented actors, and some material that alternates between okay and being an epic disappointment. We do hope the ratings level off soon, though — while this may not be the finest creation in television history, it’s nice to have a little bit of sitcom escapism in the summer.

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Photo: FX

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