‘Around the World in 80 Plates’ finale review: And the winner is…

All season long, we’ve made it no secret that “Around the World in 80 Plates” has been one of our favorite reality show hybrids on TV. It’s part “Top Chef,” part “Amazing Race,” and even a little bit of “Survivor” … but what we like about it the most is that you’re learning a little bit about the food of every location the show visits.

For those of you out there who thought that this show should be all about the food versus the strategy, it’s hard to see any of them being altogether sad by Avery Pursell taking this thing home. She was a smart gameplayer throughout the season, making good alliances and never biting off more than she could chew, but she was also the most daring chef. She won after a twist sent the competition from Uruguay (believed by many to be the final country) back home to the United States, and she also said goodbye to her good pal (and third-place finisher) Nookie in the process.

Before we talk about anything else, we have to first give some applause to Nookie for absolutely making this show the success that it was. Without his humor and constant scheming, this could have felt like yet another cooking competition. But he embraced the strategic component of the game, even at times to the point where he made some controversial choices and compromised some of the quality of his food. It’s a competition, though, and you play to win — and while Nookie did not end up doing that, he certainly showed that he was the sort of personality that we want to see more of on TV.

Now, we’ll give some due o the second-place finisher in Liz, mostly because she clearly came further than anyone else since the beginning of the competition. Early on in the season, we thought she was destined to be in the middle of the pack; but she surprised us with her dedicated and spirit.

Overall, we don really hope that the show gets a chance at doing this all over again now that the contestants and America have a better idea of what to expect. We know that the ratings weren’t fantastic, and the show cannot be cheap to make given all of the traveling, but Bravo has shown a tendency to give series a chance to find their audience.

At the end of the day, we’re not even upset that our predictions for the finale were somewhat wrong. We’re just happy to be a part of the journey.

What did you think of the finale, and do you think that the right person won? We want to hear from you in the poll below!

Photo: Bravo


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