‘Big Brother 14’ review: Enough of the coaches, already

The first two episodes of “Big Brother 14,” we were thrilled to see the twist that executive producer Allison Grodner had thought up for the game. During the third episode, we were annoyed by it.

Why? Somewhere in between the nomination ceremony and the Power of Veto meeting, the post-production team forgot that new players are the ones who are actually trying to earn the $500,000 grand prize. Therefore, we spent most of the episode watching Janelle, Dan, and Britney try to run around and make Boogie look bad. The problem? Boogie’s not even playing the game — at least not yet, if you buy into Willie’s paranoia that the returning players are going to enter the game.

Thankfully, about halfway through the focus shifted back to the players. Granted, we already knew from the live feeds that Shane was going to win the Veto and not use it on anyone — but wasn’t the laundry-themed challenge fun? The only thing that dragged it down slightly was having to listen to JoJo make a “Jersey Shore” reference, and thus once again reducing the state to its most common stereotype.

As to some of our favorite ridiculous moments from this episode, there were plenty of them:

-Ian kicking himself in the face, and then Boogie’s response to this as he realized just how screwed he could be with this guy as one of his power players.

-Britney saying that she was not going to let Boogie’s “intimidation” get to her — but then acts out about it to such an extent that makes it obvious that she definitely did let it get to her.

-The tank top that Wil had on early in the episode. We don’t even know how that can be considered a tank top in any shape or form.

-There was so much groveling in between Frank and Kara you would think that people were begging for their actual lives.

-Kara may be the most boring contestant of all time.

What was your favorite moment from this episode? If you want to check out some of the latest spoilers from the live feed, be sure and visit this link.

Photo: CBS

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