‘The Glee Project’ interview: Nellie Veitenheimer on Ryan Murphy, fans

For the first few episodes on “The Glee Project,” Nellie Veitenheimer seemed to be a strong contender to take home the seven-episode arc on “Glee” at the end. She has a likable demeanor, a story that young people can relate to, and she’s also one heck of a singer.

So what ended up doing her in? Based on what Ryan Murphy told her at the end of the episode, it was really all about being confident and decisive in what you want — and since Nellie struggled with that, she ended up being sent home.

We had a chance to ask Nellie a few questions about the show in a Q&A session on Wednesday.

Cartermatt.com – Why do you think you were having some trouble giving Ryan Murphy the answers that he wanted to hear after your last-chance performance? Do you think some of it was nerves or being in the sort of stressful environment?

Honestly, yeah I was kind of [like a] deer in the headlights. And then [with the question of] what character you would have played, I wasn’t sure how to put it. I wasn’t thinking about what character I would have played because I was trying to honestly embrace what I was given. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t find the words to express myself correctly during that conversation.

Now that you’ve had this experience, have you thought about yet what else you are wanting to do when it comes to music or acting?

What I have taken from it the most is a new level of confidence and reassurance that I’m going to be doing this for a while and that I want this to be part of my career. And along with that, I’m always going to be pursuing music, that’s for sure. Music is my passion and it’s going to be happening always.

I think for right now especially it’s going to be a time where I explore acting, because that’s always been a love of mine even though it unfortunately isn’t showcased as much on the show. So hopefully I’m going to put my feelers out there on both of them and see what sticks.

Have you had a chance to get a sense of how much buzz you’ve had online? Based on everything I’ve seen you were one of the most-popular people and a good many fans are completely crushed that you’re gone.

I have seen the response, and it’s incredible. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t realize that my story, really because it’s so broad, would really be so touching. But I think it’s the fact that I’m really relatable has touched a lot of people and it’s really amazing.

Were you rooting for Nellie this season — and now that she’s gone, is there anyone else in particular that you are rooting for? Be sure to check back this weekend for our full rankings, and our review of Tuesday night’s new episode is at this link.

Photo: Oxygen

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