‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Pinocchio’s future

There were a number of revelations made when it came to the curse being broken on the “Once Upon a Time” season 2 finale, but there were also all sorts of major questions that came with it. One of them? Whether or not August Booth / Pinocchio would be able to transform back into a “real boy” — or, in his case, a real man — now that there is magic back in the town again.

Thankfully, executive producer Edward Kitsis is making it clear that this will be a mystery that is going to be resolved pretty soon. As a matter of fact, he had the following to say to TVLine about it:

“We are definitely going to tell what happened to Pinocchio … The last we saw, he was wood.”

While there are plenty of other characters with major to stories to tell now that they have the knowledge about what happened in the fairy tale world that was, we’re not quite sure that any of them are in the same sort of life-or-death situation as Pinocchio. If he does end up living, he could be a valuable ally with Emmy when it comes to breaking the curse. However, if he doesn’t end up making it Emmy will be on our own and we will be left with the memories of a man who was in some ways the puppet version of Alcide from “True Blood.”

If Booth doesn’t make it, we can at least get excited about the prospect of seeing such new characters as Mulan, Captain Hook, and Princess Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty” in the coming season. Although we were told at one point that Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” was being considered, there has been no word on whether or not she will turn up officially yet.

Do you think August will find a way to survive? To watch the first trailer for season 2, be sure to check out the story here.

Photo: ABC

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