‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Lightwire Theater shines in live show

If you tuned out for the first episode of “America’s Got Talent,” you probably would have felt as though this was a Las Vegas spectacular. Unfortunately, the first hour was almost sleep-inducing, and even the latter portion of the show contained a few disappointments.

Let’s try to get into the acts without sounding too cynical about it.

The Untouchables – Dance crews are a good act to start off the live shows, mostly because it’s always nice to start off the show with some excitement. Luckily, the little brothers and sisters of the Miami All-Stars did not disappoint. Did they reinvent the wheel? No, but the moves that they did were stellar.

Rock Star Juggler Mike Price – Just as magic acts are in deep trouble the moment that a trick doesn’t work, juggling acts are done as soon as the juggler drops something. It was pretty clear early on that Mike didn’t have enough confidence to make this routine work, and the whole “jugglers playing with fire” bit was not as impressive now that we’ve seen it multiple times.

Inspire the Fire – It’s hard to deny that the group is inspiring, but we must also admit that they are not really all that cohesive as a group. Maybe we are just spoiled by “Glee” when it comes to song-and-dance numbers, but there wasn’t anything special about what they brought to the table. If we want cheese … we’ll just go to a nearby dairy farm.

Cristin Sandu – The night of disappointment continued with a balancing guy who failed to really balance. The moment that his apparatus fell apart, we knew that this was going to be over — but it was just another reminder that this is live television. Unfortunately, this is shaping up to one of the most disastrous live shows ever.

Elusive – The good news for Elusive is that he is a dancer, and it’s harder for a dancer to mess up on the same sort of catastrophic level that we saw with Mike or Cristin. The bad news? It still wasn’t anything that special, and it’s hard to see how he is going to make it through considering the talent that came through in the second round.

Jake Wesley Rogers – Up until this point in the season, we really weren’t impressed with Jake at all, mostly because he wasn’t bringing anything new to the table. That changed this week. He showed off a Michael Buble-esque tone with a performance of “Toxic” … and did we mention he was singing “Toxic”? It was a bold choice for a man who could have played it safe.

All Wheel Sports – At this point in the show, this was our biggest surprise of the night. We weren’t really sure whether or not they would bring something that we had never seen before … but they did! This was really a pretty fantastic performance that combined a little bit of tricks with a little bit of dance.

Wordspit and the Illest – Let this be a warning to future “America’s Got Talent” contenders. If you are going to be performing an original song, you better be sure that it is a good one. This was more or less just 90 seconds of pure noise, and the only thing that we understood in the lyrics was the part where they said “lights, cameras flashing” over and over again.

Jacob Williams – We are not entirely sure that Jacob gave his best set that he has done on the show this season, but he was still really, really funny. What makes Jacob’s act work is that he able to make an entire persona off of just how awkward he is, and this elevates just about every joke that he does. We actually agree with Howie Mandel — while this set wasn’t perfect, it was still the best of the night so far.

All Beef Patty – If this was Saturday night and we had a few drinks, this would be a good act for a nightclub. For a million-dollar talent show, this was irritating to a “mute button” level. The only thing that is worse than Patty’s singing is the fact that she stood on stage and didn’t move a muscle. Where is the energy? Where is the dancing?

Spencer Horsman – In what is becoming a bit of a sad trend for us, our #1 act in our rankings ended up underwhelming. The thing that Spencer had going or him the first two times we saw him was that we saw the escape and felt the danger. It’s really just not that exciting, though, when you are really just watching someone behind a screen get out of a bag. Honestly, it was more of a magic trick than an escape.

Lightwire Theater – We do believe that Lightwire Theatre is absolutely great at what they do, and they do deserve the large mountains of praise that they received. They are great when it comes to incorporating story into their routines, but here is the question that we have to ask — are they better than Team iLuminate? This sort of act is not as revolutionary as it once was, so we’re not sure just how America will vote once they get past this round and into the semifinals.

Who was your favorite act during this show? We want to hear from you below! Be sure to once again check out our rankings over at this link, and leave your thoughts with a comment below.

Photo: NBC

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