Absentia premiere sneak peek: Emily Byrne’s journey begins

Absentia premiereAre you ready for the Absentia premiere to arrive? We know that in some countries, it is going to be here sooner rather than later and you’ll have a chance to really dive into Emily Byrne’s journey. You will be able to understand some of what brought her to the present, and the painful set of circumstances that await her and many other characters on the show.

This sneak peek below, which comes from the Portuguese AXN station that is broadcasting the show beginning in just over a week, gives you a sense of Emily’s happy life with Nick Durand, followed then by the heartbreak and the pain that split them apart. For years, Nick has believed that his wife was killed by the notorious Conrad Harlow, a man he eventually saw put away. He still had questions — after all, he did not know the location of her body — but Harlow was not altogether keen on giving out much in the way of answers. Instead, Nick just saw him carted away to prison.

So where do things start to get strange? It begins with the discovery of a body that bears some of Harlow’s signature calling cards. This ended up leading to the question being begged: Did the police put away the wrong guy, or is there something larger going on here? This is complicated even more by Durand getting a phone call in the middle of the night, one where he learns via Harlow (or at least we think it’s Harlow) that Emily is still alive and he has just thirty minutes to find her and rescue her. It’s a shock to his system, and it’s also going to be a shock to his new wife Alice. The two have tried to move forward years removed from the Emily tragedy, and we’re sure this was just when some of the old wounds for Nick were starting to finally heal. Absentia is the story of recovering old memories for Emily, but it is also the story for Nick of reopening old wounds and figuring how just where his thoughts and his feelings lie now, so many years removed from the initial tragedy.

This Absentia premiere preview serves as your foundation for the larger mystery to come; unfortunately, you may be waiting for a long time for more information now depending on where you are. There is no announced premiere date for the show in America or Canada — heck, there is not even an official network home for the Stana Katic series yet. (Technically a deal has been reached with a broadcaster, but we are waiting for the announcement still.)

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